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This section explains how to troubleshoot common problems.

Code P0920 errors

Problem: Some calls you make to the API receive a 400 Bad Request response, with this error in the response body:

  "code": "P0920",
  "description": "Request blocked by security rules. Please consult API documentation for more information."

Fix: This response means that your API call was blocked by our firewalls. Check that the API call you sent was correctly formed.

Possible reasons why your call may be rejected include:

  • sending a POST call with an empty body where content in the body is expected

  • the use of invalid characters such as <, >, |, " or backslashes

  • the return_url you provide is not https://

  • there are URLs inside the reference or description you provide

  • you have not included a Content-Type: application/json header

  • you’ve included an Accept header but with something other than application/json

The code examples in the documentation do not work

Problem: The “Example Request” code snippets in the API documentation always cause the request to fail with a "401 unauthorized" error.

Fix: You must send the API key with Bearer in front of it. This is not made clear in the code examples due to a technical limitation.

If the code example includes a line like this:

request["authorization"] = '<YOUR-API-KEY-HERE>'

You must use "Bearer <YOUR-API-KEY-HERE>" as the value.