Table of contents

Set up a live Worldpay account

Please read the guidance on what to do before you switch to live first.

Worldpay uses the term “production” for live accounts.

You should follow these instructions in order.

You can also read about setting up live ePDQ and Smartpay accounts.


Before you begin, make sure you have an admin account with both Worldpay and GOV.UK Pay.

Set up your merchant code

Sign in to your Worldpay account and use Select MerchantCode to find your merchant code.

If Switch to Production is at the bottom of the left-hand menu, toggle it on.

Set up your profile

To set up your profile, you need to copy credentials from your Worldpay account into your GOV.UK Pay account.

You must separately sign in to both your Worldpay account and your GOV.UK Pay account. You should have both accounts open, in different web browser tabs.

  1. In your Worldpay browser tab, select Profile in the left-hand menu. If you are prompted to choose a merchant code, select the appropriate one.

  2. In your GOV.UK Pay browser tab, go to My services to select the live service you want to set up. Select Settings, then Account credentials, then Edit credentials.

  3. In Worldpay, copy the Worldpay Merchant Code from Identification into the GOV.UK Pay Merchant ID field.

  4. Copy the Worldpay New Username into the GOV.UK Pay Username field.

  5. Change the Worldpay XML password:

    select the pencil icon next to XML Password

    change the password and select Add new Password

    select OK to go back to the Profile page

    select the pencil icon again, then Complete then OK

  6. Copy the Worldpay XML password into the GOV.UK Pay Password field.

  7. In your GOV.UK Pay browser tab, select Save credentials to go back to the Account credentials page.

  8. In your Worldpay browser tab, go to the Profile page. Go to the Payment service section and set Capture delay (days) to 0ff (not 0).

Set up “Merchant Channel”

In the left-hand menu of your Worldpay account, select Merchant Channel.

You must edit the content in the http row, under Protocol.

For Merchant Channels (Production) and Merchant Channels (Test), check the following:

  1. Under Active, select yes.
  2. Set Content to xml
  3. Set Address to
  4. Set Method to POST.
  5. Set Client certificate to no.
  6. Under Merchant Channels (Production) and Active, set the email and shopper email protocols to no.

For Merchant Channel Events (Production) and Merchant Channel Events (Test), check the following in the http row only:

























Test your configuration

  1. Contact your Worldpay account manager to confirm the cards you want to accept are set up.
  2. Make a test transaction on your live account. You can use the GOV.UK Pay API to do this, or use payment links if your service is not yet connected to GOV.UK Pay.
  3. Sign in to your GOV.UK Pay account.
  4. Go to the Transactions page and check your test transaction is in the list of transactions.
  5. Select the test transaction and check if you can refund it.

The refund option may take up to 20 minutes to appear after submitting the transaction.

Set up 3D Secure

Ask your Worldpay account manager to configure your merchant code to enable 3D Secure for all payments.

When this is available, sign in to your GOV.UK Pay account. Go to My services to select the live service you want to set up. Select Settings, then 3D Secure and then select Turn 3D Secure on.