Table of contents

Set up a live Smartpay account

Please read the guidance on what to do before you switch to live first.

You should follow these instructions in order.

You can also read about setting up live ePDQ and Worldpay accounts.

Configure your user profile on Smartpay

Sign in to Smartpay and select the correct merchant account. You can select the organisation name at the top of the page to view all merchant accounts.

Add new user

  1. Select Settings and then Users.

  2. Select Add new user.

  3. Select Web Service as the user type.

  4. Complete both the Password fields.

  5. Leave the Client Certificate (DN) field blank.

You will use this username and password on the GOV.UK Pay admin tool to set up your account credentials later.

Generate client encryption key

Under Easy Encryption, select Generate. Leave the other options as their defaults.

Enable roles and accounts

Under Roles and Associated Accounts, select Roles and enable the following roles:

  • API PCI Payments role

  • Merchant PAL Webservice role

  • Merchant Recurring role

Contact Smartpay if any of these roles are not available.

Select Accounts and enable your merchant account, then select Save.

Edit allowed user IP range

Set the IP address to Leave the other options as their defaults.

Configure server communication on Smartpay

Select Settings and then Server Communication.

On the Server Communication settings page, select Add in the Standard Notification row.

Complete all the fields on the Standard Notification settings page.

Set up “Transport”

Complete the fields in the Transport page as follows:

  • URL:

  • SSL Version: TLSv1.2

  • Active: Checked

  • Accept expired: Leave unchecked

  • Accept self-signed: Leave unchecked

  • Accept untrusted Root certificates: Leave unchecked

  • Service version: 1

  • Method: JSON

  • Populate SOAP Action header: Leave unchecked


Enter a unique username and password. The password must be at least 10 characters long.

You will use this username and password to set up your notification credentials on the GOV.UK Pay admin tool later.

Leave all other settings to their defaults and select Save configuration.

Set up credentials on GOV.UK Pay

  1. Sign in to your GOV.UK Pay account.

  2. Go to My services and select the Smartpay live service you want to set up.

  3. Go to Settings then Account credentials.

Set up account credentials

Under Your Smartpay credentials, select Edit credentials .

Complete the following fields on this page:

  • Merchant code

  • Username

  • Password

Your merchant code should be for Smartpay, and you should have a username and password from adding a new user.

Set up notification credentials

  1. Under Your Smartpay notification credentials, select Edit notification credentials.

  2. Complete the Username and Password fields on this page using the username and password described in the Authentication section.

  3. Select Save credentials to go back to the Account credentials page.

Test your configuration

  1. Contact your Smartpay account manager to confirm the cards you want to accept are set up.

  2. Make a test transaction on your live account. You can use the GOV.UK Pay API to do this.

    Make sure you use a live API key, not a test one. Use payment links if your service is not yet connected to GOV.UK Pay.

    If the test transaction fails, check that you have entered the correct credentials into the GOV.UK Pay admin tool.

  3. Sign in to your GOV.UK Pay account.

  4. Go to the Transactions page and check your test transaction is in the list of transactions.

  5. Select the test transaction and check if you can refund it.

    The refund option may take up to 20 minutes to appear after submitting the transaction.

    If the refund option does not appear, check you have set up notifications correctly.

If you are testing your integration with a payment link, you should open it in a separate browser tab to avoid confusion.

Set up 3D Secure

To enable 3D Secure payment authentication, sign in to the GOV.UK Pay admin tool.

Go to My services to select the live service you want to set up. Select Settings, then 3D Secure and then Turn on 3D Secure.

Barclaycard is responsible for setting up 3D Secure payment authentication for your Smartpay account. You do not need to set anything manually.