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Before you switch to live

GOV.UK Pay currently supports live gateways for the payment service providers (PSPs) ePDQ, Smartpay and Worldpay.

GOV.UK Pay also supports a live gateway for Stripe.

Before you start taking live payments, you must:

Request a live GOV.UK Pay account

The process to request a live account is the same regardless of what PSP you use.

  1. Go to the dashboard page on GOV.UK Pay and click the Request a live account link.

  2. Click the Start now button.

  3. Enter the name of your organisation and select Continue.

  4. Choose how you will process payments and select Continue.

  5. Select the Accept legal terms checkbox and then Continue. This satisfies the requirement for your organisation to have a signed memorandum of understanding (MOU) or contract with GOV.UK Pay.

You’ll see the Request submitted page. GOV.UK Pay will email you a link to your live account within one working day.

When your account is live, it will appear in the My services page labelled as a Live card account.

Complete your information

The information you provide differs depending on whether you use Stripe or another PSP.


GOV.UK Pay will contact you to verify your organisation’s identity. You must provide GOV.UK Pay with your organisation’s:

You must also provide GOV.UK Pay with the name, date of birth and home address of someone authorised to sign contracts on behalf of your organisation, also known as a ‘responsible person’.

GOV.UK only stores your organisation’s address and telephone number. GOV.UK Pay passes all other information to Stripe without storing that information. Stripe then processes and stores that information.

Non-Stripe PSP

Refer to the following GOV.UK Pay documentation to see what information you must provide to your PSP:


Before you switch to live, you may find it helpful to read about the support the GOV.UK Pay team provides.

While GOV.UK Pay is in beta, our team can provide hands-on support to you as you make your service live if you require it.

Emergency contact details

Before you switch to live, make sure your team knows how to report an emergency.

In the event of an emergency, first check the status page. Select Subscribe to updates to get email notifications whenever GOV.UK Pay creates or updates an incident.

When you sign up for GOV.UK Pay, the team will give you emergency contact details. You can use these to reach the appropriate support team in case of an urgent problem. For example, if you suspect that fraudulent transactions are being made on your account.