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Payment links

You may want to use payment links rather than integrate with the GOV.UK Pay API if your service:

  • is non-digital and uses paper applications to process payments
  • is non-digital and has low transaction volumes
  • asks users for payment by sending email or letters
  • does not have a development team that can integrate your service with GOV.UK Pay


Before you set up a payment link, you must have a live service.

  1. Sign in to your GOV.UK Pay account.
  2. Select Create a payment link in the Dashboard.
  3. Select Create a payment link.

On the Set payment link information page:

  1. Complete the Title field.
  2. Complete the optional Details field if necessary, and select Continue.
  3. You must change your payment link if it is identical to an existing link.

Specify payment reference

  1. Select either Yes, create a unique payment reference number for my users or No, I would like to use my own.
  2. If you selected No, I would like to use my own, complete the Name of your payment reference number and optional Hint text fields if necessary.
  3. Select Continue.

Specify whether payment is fixed or variable

  1. Select Yes or No, the user can choose the amount for the payment amount
  2. If you selected Yes, enter the payment amount.
  3. Select Continue.
  1. Review your payment link details.
  2. Select Create link.

You can now send the live payment link to your users.

Reference number and confirmation

Your users will receive a reference number and confirmation email when they use a payment link. You can find the reference number on the Transactions page. You will not receive a transaction reference number by default, unless you tell your users to send them to you.

GOV.UK Pay creates and hosts the payment confirmation page.