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Use your own payment failure pages

You can contact us to set this feature up for your service.

If you do not use your own payment failure pages, users will see standard GOV.UK Pay payment failure pages.

Terminal, unsuccessful payment states are:

  • payment declined

  • payment cancelled

  • payment expired

  • error (for example, technical error)

If you use this feature, GOV.UK Pay will immediately redirect the user to the return_url when a payment reaches a terminal unsuccessful state. You can set the return_url manually for your service in the request to the POST /v1/payments API call.

You should configure your service to query payments to determine what payment failure states are from API responses. Once your service knows the state of a payment, it should direct users appropriately. For example if a user’s payment expires, you may want your service to return the user to the start of their payment journey.

See the GOV.UK Pay API browser for more details.

In very rare cases, GOV.UK Pay is unable to redirect payments. You should contact us if this happens.

Expired payments

If a user abandons a payment and it expires, GOV.UK Pay can only redirect the user if they did not leave the payment screen. If the user tries to continue their journey from the payment screen after their payment has expired, they will be returned to the service.

You may want to read about what happens when a user does not complete their payment journey.