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Custom branding of payment pages

GOV.UK Pay supports custom branding on all pages in your payment journey.

You can use custom branding regardless of whether you integrate your service with GOV.UK Pay, or use payment links.

You can contact the GOV.UK Pay team to request customisation for the following features:

  • the logo displayed in the left-hand side of the top banner

  • the background and border colour of the top banner

  • the branding of your payment confirmation email

You should provide an image of your desired custom banner logo to GOV.UK Pay directly. Your image should be:

  • in PNG or SVG format

  • at least 2x the size of the image that will be displayed on-screen

  • cropped to leave minimal whitespace around the logo

  • compressed (optimised for web)

You can make a request for custom colours to GOV.UK Pay directly.

Colours are customised using hexadecimal representations.

Reply-to email address

When you ask GOV.UK Pay to set up custom branding on your payment confirmation emails, you should specify a reply-to email address so your users can contact you.

This reply-to email address can be an email inbox for your service, or an automated response.

If you do not use custom branding on your payment confirmation emails, you cannot specify a reply-to email address. Refer to the confirmation email section of this documentation for more information.