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Glossary of terms

This section defines commonly used terms in GOV.UK Pay.

Term Definition
Service admin site the site where your staff users can sign in to view transaction history and settings for your integration with GOV.UK Pay
Payment pages the pages on GOV.UK Pay which users follow to make a payment
End user a user who is paying through GOV.UK Pay
Staff user a user from a team delivering a government service which uses GOV.UK Pay to process payments; if you’re reading this, someone like you
Platform administrator this is a member of the GOV.UK Pay team responsible for controlling access to the platform, ensuring effective support is provided to partner services, and improving the platform on the basis of user feedback
Platform developer a member of the GOV.UK dev team

Platform accounts

Account type Account definition
Staff account an account for a staff user that grants appropriate access rights and permissions to administer payments for their service through GOV.UK Pay. Initially, all staff accounts will have the same permissions. But in future they will be distinguished by different permissions relating to the different user groups outlined: Service Admin, Accountant, Refund Manager, Developer
Service account an account for a partner service with GOV.UK Pay. It is this account that staff users will be accessing. The Service Account will associate all relevant information and preferences with a particular service (e.g. transaction history, selected providers, accepted payment methods, etc).
Provider account an account that a partner service has with a payment provider for payment processing. Each service may have separate provider accounts with multiple providers