Table of contents

Before you start

To start using GOV.UK Pay, you’ll need:

  • a service that needs to process payments
  • a GOV.UK Pay account
  • a service team with the development skills to build the technical integration between your service and GOV.UK Pay; refer to the Service Manual for more information (this does not apply if you only use payment links)

Check the Getting Started guide to ensure that your team is ready to start using GOV.UK Pay.

Make sure you’re also familiar with the government guidance on deploying new software.

If you are new to the GOV.UK Pay API, we recommend you take a look at the quick start guide, which explains how to access the API and start exploring what it can do.

How long will it take?

The time taken to integrate will vary depending on team and capability; for example, it took a single developer five days to integrate a Home Office service with GOV.UK Pay.

Try the service out

You can try GOV.UK Pay before integrating with the API.

You must be logged into a GOV.UK Pay test account to try these features out.

Make a demo payment

You can try the payment experience as a user, and then view the completed payment as a GOV.UK Pay administrator.

Test your service with your users

You can create a reusable link to integrate your service prototype with GOV.UK Pay, and test with your users.